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Drone Summer Camps

Stepping out from behind the screen, we believe in the irreplaceable value of hands-on learning experiences. Our annual summer camp provides students with an immersive journey into the world of drones, offering them a chance to interact directly with the technology in a tangible and engaging environment. We bring in industry partners to showcase different verticals within the industry. Participants gain a understanding of drone mechanics, get to grips with their operational intricacies, and visualize the vast array of career opportunities available in this field.

Expected Outcomes: 

The experiential learning offered at our summer camp is designed to yield a multitude of positive results. Participants will leave with a rich understanding of drone technology, having absorbed knowledge in a way that is only possible through direct interaction and practical experience. This exposure is expected to spark curiosity, ignite passion, and encourage further exploration into drone-related fields. We anticipate that the hands-on activities will help in cementing the knowledge gained through our digital platforms, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience. Beyond individual benefits, this program aims to strengthen the participants’ connection to the drone industry, providing them with a network of peers and professionals that can support their future endeavors. For families and support networks, seeing their loved ones engage, learn, and excel in a supportive environment will foster a sense of pride and reassurance about their future prospects. Ultimately, we expect our summer camp to play a vital role in demystifying the drone industry for neurodiverse individuals, showcasing its accessibility, and highlighting the unique value they can bring to this innovative field.

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