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Online Learning

We have meticulously crafted and established collaborations with training programs, aiming to provide students with the crucial skills and knowledge required to successfully acquire their Part 107 license from the Federal Aviation Administration. This certification is imperative for those aspiring to make their mark in the commercial drone industry. Our curriculum delves deep into the intricacies of drone operations, regulatory compliance, and safety protocols, ensuring that students are not just prepared to pass the certification exam but are also well-equipped to thrive in the commercial drone domain, This offering is tailored for individuals who wish to enroll as students with the specific intention of receiving test preparation for the Part 107 exam.

Expected Outcomes: 

Upon completion of our comprehensive online learning modules, we expect students to exhibit a strong grasp of drone operations, regulatory standards, and safety practices. They will be thoroughly prepared to confidently take and pass the Part 107 certification exam, which is a critical milestone for entering the commercial drone industry. Beyond the certification, students will be armed with a robust foundation of knowledge and skills that positions them to excel in the field, transforming them into competitive candidates for various roles within the commercial drone industry.

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