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Registered Apprenticeship

We are delighted to present the first paid drone pilot apprenticeship program in Colorado, a ground-breaking initiative by Neurodiversity Works. Spanning across 2000 hours, this competitive program ensures that our graduates stand out as top-tier professionals in the drone industry. By providing hands-on experience, we are elevating the career prospects of our students while simultaneously bridging the employment gap within the neurodiverse community. These initiatives signify Neurodiversity Works’ unwavering commitment to championing change and actively fostering inclusive opportunities. We are dedicated to carving out meaningful pathways, unlocking doors to success, and guaranteeing that individuals with neurodiverse backgrounds are acknowledged, supported, and equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in the dynamic world of drone technology.

Expected Outcomes: 

Our expectation is that this apprenticeship program will have a ripple effect of positive outcomes. Graduates will not only gain a competitive edge in the job market but will also experience a boost in their self-confidence and sense of belonging in the professional world. Families and support networks will witness firsthand the transformative impact of inclusive employment opportunities, and the drone industry will benefit from the diverse perspectives and innovative approaches brought by neurodiverse individuals. In the broader sense, we anticipate contributing to a shift in societal perceptions of neurodiversity, fostering a more inclusive and understanding community, and ultimately, helping to normalize neurodiversity in the workforce.

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