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Part 107 Exam Disability Accommodations Resource

Jason San Souci

2 min read

Mar 21, 2022



As nonprofits spearheading uncrewed industry accommodations and accessibility for disabled people, Drone Forward Incorporated (DFI) and Neurodiversity Works have partnered to advocate and create resources for the disabled community. The first of these resources is this comprehensive guide to the current accommodations that the FAA offers disabled people seeking to take the Part 107 exam.

Scheduling Exam and Location

PSI is the current testing provider for the FAA’s Part 107 exam. In order to schedule a testing time at a PSI center, an applicant must take the following steps:

  1. Create an IACRA account; “IACRA is the web-based certification/rating application that guides the user through the FAA’'s airman application process.” Go here to register: IACRA - Federal Aviation Administration (

  2. Next, the FAA has an online scheduling system that requires applicants to create a pilot account before the test.

  • Schedule your Part 107 test. On your PSI Home screen, select "Select" and find your appropriate test.

  • During the Pre-Exam Data Collection, PSI will ask if you need accommodation. Select “I Need an Accommodation”

Available Testing Accommodations

This is the current list of accommodations that PSI (the current FAA testing provider) can offer:

  • Reader (including separate testing room)

  • Approved breaks

  • Separate testing room / quiet testing space

  • Alternate mouse - left handed

  • 50% time extension

  • A sign language interpreter

  • A standing/rising desk

  • Alternate mouse/keyboard (not left handed but a specific type of mouse)

  • Food/Drink/Blood sugar supply

  • Medical equipment

  • There is also a component to the accommodations noted as: “Other (as requested)”

Receiving Accommodations

PSI will respond to all reasonable accommodation requests with a documentation request email that reads:

“You have requested the following accommodation for the exam process: [Requested Accommodation]

“In order to process your request you will be required to submit supporting documentation by faxing the number below:

  • Fax Number 1-702-932-2666

If you have questions, please use the contact information below:

“The amount and types of information that may be sufficient to document your need depends on the nature or your impairment. Relevant documentation may include:

  • A general overview of the disability or impairment.

  • Information on how the disability or impairment would affect performance on the exam. (The exam information package describes the exam. To view the exam information package, click on the link in your online exam account.)

  • Current documentation supporting the existence of a disability from a bona fide source (for example, licensed professional, state department of rehabilitation, approved agency).

  • Information on how the disability or impairment limits you physically or mentally.

If you listed a reason that requires review, you will receive an email within five (5) business days with further instructions on how to submit your documentation.

“Accommodation documentation MUST be on letterhead from the bona fide source (doctor, agency, etc.) explaining:

  • Why accommodations are required

  • What accommodations are needed”

Reach Out for Help

Both Drone Forward and Neurodiversity Works are dedicated to helping the disabled community navigate this process. If anyone needs help securing accomodations at their local testing site or would like guidance through this process, do not hesitate to contact,, or

Jason San Souci

2 min read

Mar 21, 2022



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